Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. 
Design & Art Direction for brands, publications, people and food.


Noumi O'Flaherty

I completed a Bachelor of Graphic design at AUT with a passion for ideas and eye for design. After working as a junior art director for M&C Saatchi in Sydney on the David Jones account, I went on to travel the world and relocated to London where I freelanced with various design and advertising agencies until landing a job as a mid-weight designer at Immediate Media. 

My time at Immediate Media was pivotal to my growth as a creative, through implementation of new creative processes, managing teams and art directing valuable campaigns within our team I was quickly promoted to Art Editor. Working with many clients such as Mars, Hotpoint, Galbani, Tourism Switzerland, BMW, Schwartz, Hellman’s, Colgate and Kenwood, our team gained a reputation for executing quality ideas through beautiful content.

I balance my day job with my obsession for food and design, creating creative food for friends’ weddings, dinner parties or just another family dinner. I have an extensive knowledge of food and the food industry, and a love for interiors. More recently I have moved back home to Auckland where I’m enjoying seeing the world through my baby’s eyes and imagination.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to push boundaries and
get to the root of the problem to come up with a seamless idea which I can refine and simplify as much as possible to make something that is simply beautiful, and thoughtful.





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